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Lodges “Taezhnyj” and “Sosnovyj” are designed for up to 10 persons. Inside there are tables, chairs, kitchen utensils, upholstered furniture and bedding. The distance to the swimming pools is approximately 20 meters. A charming wooden gazebo and swings for children are located nearby.
 For overnight stay there are 2 couches for max 4 persons.

Price for the first three hours (up to 10 persons*):
1 650 rubles

For the forth and each additional hour (up to six hours):
500 rubles

For the seventh and each additional hour:
310 rubles

Prices for overnight stay (up to 4 persons*):
For 24 hours:
11 220 rubles

For 12 hours:
6 600 rubles

*There is an extra person charge of 50% of the full price for up to 2 additional persons.
There is an extra person charge of 100% of the full price for 3 or more additional persons.

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